This website acts as the information and archival resource for the artwork of London based artist Bettina Fung (Chinese name: Fung Wan Shan).

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News & Updates

+ Video clip of Fung's four hour performance drawing at the opening of Guerrilla Zoo's Modern Panic V

+ New comic added: "I've Fallen Thru"

+ Fung is one of the recipients of the A-N New Collaborations Bursary. This will go towards her collaboration with designer Mike Kann, where they aim to investigate the creative potential within the interplay between design, interactive and embedded technologies and traditional art methods. This collaboration is due to begin soon this month and they will be documenting their progress in the A-N Blog.

+ Alternative art statement? - Fung's first attempt to integrate comic into her fine art practice.

+ Drawings made with a sewing needle, Fung's abusing of objects for Spinach’s open call.